Webster's says:

Yes, it's true, I often feel that I'm being treated as a heathen by the IRB/ethicist crowd ... so much so that sometimes I fear that I will return to my cannibalistic roots and dump them into my cooking pot. The down side of that is that, as always has been the case, Big Brother would just just send more missionaries. But the up side is that I could give up being a hunter-gatherer, an endless supply of food delivered to my door, eh?

Then there are other days when it feels more like being in the Cuckoo's Nest with Big Nurse.

But there are far too many days when I identify with Winston Smith in 1984: "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, etc." We don't call it Newspeak, we call it "politically correct." We may not call them Thought Police, but we have them. We may not call them Thought Crimes, but the concept is alive and well as "hate crimes." These folks don't even blink when they assure us that "Equal Opportunity" means the same thing as "Affirmative Action," that "Goals" are not "Quotas," that "Mandatory Volunteering" makes sense, that "Equal Opportunity" means "Equal Outcomes," and so forth. Winston Smith would feel right at home, but I think Orwell would be upset to learn that "Fiction" is "Reality"?

Once upon a time, friends might advise "you can't go to jail for what you're thinking," but today you can, or at least what someone alleges you are thinking.